How Your Donation Helps Out

To help the unit, the council maintains Service Centers that:

  1. Handle registrations, Boys' Life magazine subscriptions, and special requests to the national office and other organizations.
  2. Maintain a supply of literature, insignia, forms, certificates, etc., needed by the leader to carry out the unit's program.
  3. Keep records of advancement, membership, training, etc., necessary for unit operation.
  4. Produce the council newsletter to keep leaders informed of latest local and national Scouting events.
  5. Produce notices, minutes, agendas, etc., for district and council committees that are developing programs for leader and unit support.
  6. Handle phone calls and visitors' questions for information related to unit operation and Scouting procedures.
  7. Provide forms, applications, certificates, and literature helpful in unit program.
  8. Produce district and council calendars and schedules, programs, kits, and special aids to assist leaders and their committees.
  9. Make reservations for films, equipment, long-term camping, short-term camps, camporees, jamborees, high-adventure bases, training courses, meetings, and unit leader events.

In the field of camping and outdoor activities, the council:

  1. Maintains reservations for year-round camping and Cub Scout family outdoor events.
  2. Offers units the use of equipment for short-term weekend, and year-round camping.
  3. Covers costs of camp repairs, replacement, utilities, maintenance, insurance, and a camp ranger for each of our facilities.
  4. Provides unit leaders guidebooks, camp slides and videos, folders, literature, and other aids to help units with their outdoor program.
  5. Provides scholarships or camperships for Scouts who need some financial assistance to have a summertime camp experience. No boy will be deprived a summertime camp experience due to financial need!
  6. Offers units the high adventure of Philmont Scout Ranch, high adventure bases, national jamborees, camporees, and other special events. These would not exist without the council giving leadership and coordination.

To assist leaders, the council employs a trained, full-time staff that counsels, guides, and inspires through

  1. Informal training in unit operation.
  2. Person-to-person counseling on unit relationships, administrative, and operational problems.
  3. Guidance of all committees, commissioners, roundtables, conferences, district and council activities in the development of programs that directly benefit leaders and units.
  4. Contacts with community resources, securing help for all units that they alone could not obtain such as the use of parks, recreational areas, use of buildings for special affairs, picnic areas, campsites, and swimming facilities.

Providing the unit with district and council activities and service, the council:

  1. Plans and conducts various types of activities in which units participate such as Scouting Anniversary Week and Scout Expos.
  2. Organizes camporees, Cub Scout Day Camps, high-adventure trips, and Explorer events.
  3. Works with various community groups to arrange for Scout participation in civic affairs and Good Turn projects.
  4. Recruits and trains a corps of commissioners for assisting with unit program and maintaining standards.

To help the leader develop the unit program, the council provides

  1. Program helps, program planning charts and a calendar of activities, meetings, and special events.
  2. Awards, certificates, and ribbons for several levels of achievement.
  3. Roundup, camporee, and Scouting Anniversary Week kits, posters, and other needed materials.
  4. Sample ceremonies, song sheets, parents' night program outlines, and training aids.
  5. Resource materials and personnel.
  6. Materials, books, pamphlets, folders, audiovisuals, and special helps from the national office and other cooperating organizations.

To protect the unit leader, the council

  1. Screens requests for services and money-earning project proposals guarding against improper use of Scouting commercialism and exploitation.
  2. Maintains liability insurance for the protection of all members and chartered organizations.
  3. Provides sickness and accident insurance for all of the registered youth members.
  4. Has staff members available at all times to meet any emergency.
  5. Conducts Youth Protection training for all adult leaders and youth members.

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