What Training Do I Need?

Every Scout deserves a trained leader, and every leader deserves training so s/he can successfully deliver the Scouting program. Training of adults to successfully deliver the Boy Scout program has evolved into a well-presented, thorough, curriculum of courses to be completed in sequence. The new leader training is customized to help leaders graduate through the courses quickly and with little duplication. Here are the courses you need to fulfill your commitment as an adult leader. Courses that are marked as available online can be taken at https://my.scouting.org/.


All Leaders:

          Youth Protection Training (online or in-person)YPT TRAINING LINK

Cub Scout Leaders

     Committee Members

          - Pack Committee Challenge (in person)


          - Pack Committee Specific (online)

     Cubmasters/Assistant Cubmasters

          - Cubmaster Specific (online or in-person)

     Den Leaders/Assistant Den Leaders

          - Den Leader Specific (online or in-person)


Boy Scout Leaders          

     Committee Members

          - Troop Committee Challenge (online or in-person)          

     Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters

          - Scoutmaster Specific (online or in-person)

          - Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (in-person)


Venturing Leaders

     Committee Members

          - Venturing Committee Specific (online or in-person)


          - Venturing Leader Specific (online or in-person)


Sea Scout Leaders

          - Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic Training (in-person)




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